For Mums By Mums We’ve often heard about Seasonal Colour Analysis – knowing which colours really suit you based on your skin tone, so we wanted to find out more...
09th May 2017

Which Season are you?

We’ve often heard about Seasonal Colour Analysis – knowing which colours really suit you based on your skin tone, so we wanted to find out more...

We sat down with Personal Stylist, Janet Small, a style guru and Mum who has lived in Dubai for over 10 years, at the House of Colour Dubai Studio in Barsha.

‘Colour Analysis is the art of truly understanding which colour clothes and make up best suit your skin, eye and hair colour’ she said.

‘We all have slightly blue or yellow cells in our skin tone, not visible to the naked eye, but these little cells have a big impact on how certain colours look on you. People with slight blue tones are known as Cool and those with yellow tones are Warm.

Then comes the seasons – if you are a Cool tone, your season is either Summer or Winter and the Warm tones are Autumn and Spring.’

Celebrities use Seasonal Colour Analysis all the time to look red carpet ready, so maybe these celebrity seasons will help you know which season you really are?

Cool Winter – Catherine Zeta Jones and Liv Tyler

Cool Summer – Kate Middleton and Jennifer Garner

Warm Autumn – Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba

Warm Spring – Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz


So, which Season you are?

To be sure you are wearing the right colours for you, House of Colour Dubai will carry out a full Colour Analysis with you, trying colour after colour until it will become clear which ones are wow for you.

After a full morning of talking colour's, having a make over and trying on clothes, all while enjoying a cup of tea, we left feeling fabulous and ready to hit the shops knowing exactly what to look for.

If you’d like to book your Colour Analysis, simple contact Janet at House of Colour or visit the House of Colour Dubai Facebook Page. The session lasts approximatey 3 hours and costs AED750, plus you get a personalised swatch wallet and House of Colour booklet to take away.


In the meantime, here are Janet's Top Tips for making sure you never leave home without looking and feeling fabulous!

Get to know which colours truly suit you so when a colour is suddenly in Vogue you know if you should or should not buy. Don't buy things just because they are in fashion buy them because they really suit you. 

Always try to wear lipstick.  Definition and contrast are what makes someone appear older or younger so use lipstick to keep a youthful look. 

Buy a good belt, something really special then transform your budget dresses making them look designer by removing the belt that came with the dress and adding your own statement belt instead.

Black is not always the most flattering colour. Sometimes it makes people appear bigger than they are. Experiment - you may be surprised that navy, chocolate, aubergine or other Colour's may actually make you look slimmer. 

Accessories Accessories - use them all to add that finishing and individual touch.




Top 10




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