For Mums By Mums No more self-medication for UAE residents. 
19th November 2017

New Antibiotics Law

No more self-medication for UAE residents. 

The UAE government has today brought in new measures to stop the selling of all antibiotics in pharmacy’s without a prescription. 

We have all done it - self diagnosed our own cough, cold, flu, aches and pains and ordered antibiotics from the pharmacy without visiting a doctor. But now the ‘Google’ doctor in us has been stopped with new laws that prevent people from buying prescription-only medicines without seeing a doctor. 

It is in part to put an end to dangerous self-medicating, but also the wider issue highlighted by the World Health Organization's (WHO) report on the prevalence of the threat created by bacterial resistance to antibiotics. A recent report revealed that between 50 and 80 per cent of germs have developed strong resistance to antibiotics, meaning they are basically not working anymore. 

The UAE Health Ministry advises that anyone who is unwell seek medical attention and then let the doctor do their job and prescribe the right medicine. 


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