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Yum By Mum cooks and delivers healthy nutritious purées for your little ones. 
14th November 2017

Baby Food Delivery

Yum By Mum cooks and delivers healthy nutritious purées for your little ones. 

Weaning and introducing babies to their first foods is a daunting time, and process for parents. Knowing what to give, when and how much can be a challenge and with busy lives many people choose shop bought purées over making their own.

Now a Dubai-based company run by two working mums is offering a food delivery service for babies to ease the stress of weaning without compromising on quality and nutrition. 

Yum by Mum is the brainchild of successful businesswomen and mothers Carla Lewis and Antonia Ellis. Facing the challenge of modern working families, where by finding the time to cook and prepare daily meals was hard when juggling work and family life, they started the company offering 100 per cent fresh, non-processed, healthy and nutritious food for babies, toddlers and children, packaged and delivered to your door ready to eat. 

All the Baby Stage 1 smooth purées are made from high quality, fresh ingredients without any added salt, sugar or preservatives and the meals prepared by a team of chefs - are delivered within hours to ensure every meal is the highest quality for your little one. 

“When you start on this journey, purées should be introduced slowly with one vegetable or fruit given at a time to determine allergies. We call this baby’s first tastes,” explains Carla. 

“One of Yum by Mum’s core values is freshness; fresh is best. Meaning that your little one deserves the freshest baby food, made from 100 per cent fresh ingredients with no added salt, sugar or preservatives. We also believe strongly in variety, offering over 70 different baby food options, from smooth purées to textured meals as your little one grows. Our meal plans start from Baby Stage 1, which can be introduced after first tastes have been established, right up to Baby Stage 3 which comprises of textured meals to transition baby seamlessly into solids,” she explains. 

Yum by Mum also ensure the same nutritional values for their delicious and healthy toddler and children’s meals. 

Shop Vs Homemade 
Recent studies have shown that shop brought baby food has a lower nutritional value than homemade because of the temperatures in which it has to be cooked in order to preserve its shelf life. This means that all the goodness is basically killed off leaving very little in actual vitamins. The water content is also so high that it leaves purées too smooth. This is something Yum by Mum are keen to point out.

“As always, fresh really is best and now with Yum by Mum, convenience does not have to mean store bought, packaged baby food. You can now simply order your baby food from the comfort of your own home and wait for it to be delivered to your door. It really doesn’t get fresher or more convenient than that, so why compromise?”

Antonia and Carla gave up the corporate world this year to focus on Yum by Mum full time. Carla says: “We are passionate about helping other working families, facing the familiar challenge of preparing fresh, nutritious food for their little ones as well as juggle full time jobs. That’s why Yum by Mum is now our full-time job - it’s our baby.” 

Need to know: 
When begin to wean they start to reduce their milk consumption. 
Purée should be introduced slowly with one vegetable or fruit at a time 
Food must be fresh without added salt, sugar or preservatives 

Yum by Mum: How it works: 
1: Pick the right plan for your baby, toddler or child. Baby Stage 1 is smooth purées made from fruits and vegetables which can be started once first tastes have been established. 
2: Select the duration: From three days to a week, deliveries are three times per week depending on your order. 
3: Delivery: First delivery arrives on a Sunday between 5-7.30am, recipients receive an SMS. 
4: Let’s eat: Meals arrive ready to serve. For Baby Stages, stand the container in a bowl of warm water or warm through in a pan. 

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